Academic Technology Links for 8-22-12

Approved LinksHere are some links we found interesting for this week of August 22nd.  Enjoy!


“China Miéville: Writers Should Welcome a Future Where Readers Remix Our Books” — One of my favorite authors makes a compelling case for the future of writing and (self-)publishing and intellectual property.

“Evernote: a 0 to 60 MPH Guide” — Heard of the note-taking application Evernote? Thinking about using it? This guide is a great overview of the application and will help you get started using it.

“Udacity Cancels Free Online Math Course, Citing Low Quality” — This is a good omen for the future of online content delivery.  If this were a traditional lecture, we wouldn’t have known about the problems until the course was over or almost over.  (There’s a reason that end-of-term student evaluations are know as “autopsies.)  If very every course is subjected to testing, peer review, and revision, many of the most common objections to online learning will be alleviated.

“We Need to Say Yes to Academic Self-Publishing but Senior Academics Must Lead the Way” — An argument for academics embracing self-publishing.  The ease of creating e-books makes self-publishing a very possible reality for the academic.  The author, Elizabeth Eva Leach, is a music professor at Oxford and chronicles her attempts at self-publishing.

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