Automating Reading and Writing: Computerized Essay Grading


The past few weeks have seen a lot of discussion over computerized essay-grading. Some people admire its labor-saving potential (because who really likes grading a huge pile of student essays?) while the louder crowd argues that, among other things, a computer can’t read. I see this discussion as part of a broader trend that stretches back into the early days of the modern computer.

Photography for Study Abroad: Photography as Storytelling


One of the challenges for faculty members and students on study abroad research and service learning trips is capturing their research in meaningful, engaging ways that can be captured and showcased for others at the College, and beyond, to benefit from. One current W&M solution to this problem is to create a course website using WordPress and then having students post their research on the website. While publishing research papers is a good first step, these text-based essays don’t take advantage of the great opportunity that a study abroad research trip affords for great photographic supplemental materials. Indeed, a good photo journal to go along with a student’s research can not only keep the reader of the website engaged, but it can help tell the story in fundamental ways that mere text alone can’t do.

Academic Technology Links for May 3, 2013

Approved Links

The links this week include more on the Google Art Project, Charlie Rose on MOOCs, illustrated Chinese characters, data visualization, and digital scholarship between biologists and humanities folks. Enjoy!

Music Resources Available on the Web

Revitalize Public Domain Music project from the Free Music Archive.

In my last post, I gave an introduction to streaming music resources available through the W&M campus libraries. Today, I’m going to give an introduction to some resources you can use beyond the library. If the collections that we have available through our streaming services or in the library aren’t meeting your course needs, these Web resources might be just what you need!