Using the Pomodoro Technique for Academic Tasks


Working as an academic often means having your day broken up by various, often unrelated tasks. A typical day might include teaching, holding office hours, grading, attending a department meeting, and working on an article. Being divided among all these different tasks, and having your day split up by teaching and meetings can make completing even simple tasks quite the challenge. Everyone has figured out different methods for piecing together enough time and attention to get everything done in one day that needs doing. But if your methods result in feeling like coping rather than mastery, then I have just the thing for you to try: the Pomodoro Technique.

Sharing Dissertation Writing with DropBox


Using DropBox to share drafts of his dissertation chapters helped Evan streamline his writing and revision process. Working on a piece of academic writing that requires multiple readers and commenters can get logistically complicated, especially when working on a multi-chapter dissertation project. DropBox can alleviate some of the frustration when keeping drafts organized, as well as keep your committee members up-to-date on your progress.

Tales from the Creative Destruction Front

An image of the Teachers Pay Teachers website where teachers sell their lesson plans to other K-12 educators.

Pablo speculates on the cycle of creation, transformation, and destruction that the Internet brings.