Three Ways to Use Google Drive for Student Assignments

collaboration with Google Drive

In this post, I offer three suggestions for assignments using Google Drive to create spaces for dialogue for you and your students.

Three Reasons MOOCs Should Include Digital Humanities Projects


Of all the things Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) have to offer, their potential to spread digital humanities work beyond a single campus, library, or museum is possibly the most exciting to Evan. In this post, Evan considers three reasons why incorporating digital humanities projects into a MOOC would be an excellent idea.

Academic Technology Links October 3, 2012

This week’s links cover MOOCs and e-learning. Click through to read more about the development of massively individualized learning, Nicholas Carr’s take on MOOCs, the issue of “scaling” interaction in MOOCs, MIT’s attention to e-learning via its new president, and an Australian Vice-Chancellor’s warning about MOOCs.

Collecting Student Assignments with Google Drive

When someone has shared a document with you using Google Drive, you may get an email like this.

Since all students at W&M have Google accounts, they also have access to some of Google’s online applications, like Google Docs (now located within Google Drive). In this post, I consider how I would use Google Drive to accept and comment on student assignments in order to streamline my grading workflow.