Using Rich Media in Study Abroad Student Projects, Part 1: Video Production


I’m in St. Petersburg, Russia this summer working on a tech-enhanced research project with the William & Mary Study Abroad group, and in preparing for the trip one of my most important considerations was what equipment to bring. Each student project involves telling stories about particular city spaces. There’s a little photography, several video interviews, […]

Links for 7-4-2012

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For today’s links, Penn’s free online classes, the UNC Beat Lab, a free course on power searching with Google, the home of the “e-portfolio,” and the Journal of Digital Humanities.

Organizing Your Research with DEVONthink Pro Office

Devonthink Pro Office Logo

When it comes to organizing research, the humanities scholar has any number of options. Most of us need to be able to organize a mix of notes, images, articles, and other kinds of documents in a way that allows us to group them in different ways. I eventually decided that DEVONthink Pro Office (available for OS X) makes the most sense to me to store the ten thousand or so items that make up my dissertation research.